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Traditional Mahogany Bitter – 4.1% ABV

The Stag - The undisputed Monarch of the Glen.

Stag the most regal of beers! Good strong flavours without being too strong overall, a beer with real character that you can enjoy all evening.

A mahogany coloured ale with medium to light body. Challenger and Fuggles hops are added plentifully giving initial bitterness that is then balanced by a caramel finish from the roast malts.

  • No added Preservatives.
  • Contains Barley and Wheat.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans (bottles only).
  • Alc 4.1% vol.  1 x 500ml Bottle = 2.1 UK Units.

Like the iconic image of the Stag on the bottle, we would recommend alongside a gamey feast of venison.  This hearty ale also stands up well to stronger meats such as wild boar

Best served at 11-12 degrees.

The Red Deer Stag is the largest of all Britain’s land mammals, awe-inspiring when in full roar during the autumn mating time or ‘rut’. One of the best times for deer watching is Winter when herds will seek lower grazings in bad weather.

Stag can be enjoyed all year round in the many fine pubs, restaurants and shops found in Highland glens and towns throughout Scotland.